Why PVC?

We open the door to ingenious solutions

PVC fencing - style, modernity and last for years

Why choose PVC fencing?

Our fences are made of highly percussive polyvinyl chloride (PVC). A blend of specially improved components ensures exceptional color stability and high resistance to weather conditions - UV and variable temperature.

Forget the cumbersome maintenance! PVC fencing does not rot like wood, and do not rust like metal. It iseasy to keep clean, do not require maintenance, impregnation, usage of anti-corrosive preparations or painting. It's a really modern product, which will make you enjoy its aesthetic appearance for many years.

PVC fencing are:

  • various compositions according to your idea;
  • a wide range of decorative trim;
  • simple and rapid installation, which can be done on your own (learn more)
  • the possibility of milling any patterns on the panels;
  • a safe solution for farmed animals

Fencing such as you like!

We offer individual solutions tailored to your needs - we are ready to prepare PVC fence of any width and height, as with the original model tailored to your interests and passions or the elements of the environment. The fence design can be ordered or done on your own. What we need to prepare a comprehensive valuation system is dimensioned sides of the fence, to determine the type of substrate for
mounting, and the pattern of the fence, its color and height.

Let your fence enrich the landscape! We also prepare any patterns, cut on the ticket on the fence panels, and we are more thanopen to the ingenuity of our customers and if something is physically doable, we will take up such implementation.

Fill in the form and let us know what you need. We offer free and non-binding valuation!

Price list

Every order is priced individually - based on the exact dimensions of the fence, its type and color. Prices
of individual products can be found in our price list.

Once you accept the valuation, before taking your order to realize we will ask you for an advance payment of 25% of the contract (account number you can find in the Contact, and also sent to the valuation in the top right corner).

Today fill out the form and find out how much it will cost your new PVC fence!


Your PVC fencing will be delivered by courier or a delivery firm. The valuation of transport is present after
knowing the size of the order. In the case of large orders - transport in Lower Silesia for free!


10-year guarantee on all products in white, as well as a 5-year warranty for the products of the other
three colors.

The warranty applies to discoloration and fading caused by UV radiation.

You have questions? See the FAQ or contact us

You have questions?

See the FAQ tab or contact us