How long does the installation of the fencing last?

It depends on you! Do not worry - installation of the fence is very simple and requires no special skills. See the tab Editing fences and learn more!

How long does it take to instal the fencing?

Depending on the complexity of the contract and the number of ongoing contracts, the waiting time for fencing, gates etc. at an average of 3-4 weeks. If your order can be completed faster, we will let you know about it!

In what form is the feincing delivered?

Your fencing is delivered by a courier or transport company. The cost of transport is presented after
learning about the size of the order. Of course, you can also use the services of a courier company of your
own choosing (eg. If you have signed a contract on more favorable terms) or show up to collect the order
in person. In the case of large orders - delivery in Lower Silesia is free!

Is PVC fencing require masonry?

It is possible to connect the modular object. Such requets are completed on individual demand.

Is PVC fencing safe for animals?

Of course! Farm fence made of PVC provide the highest safety for the animals due to unique properties: chemical composition of the material from which they are made, and the flexibility and resilience. This flexibility allows animals to come in contact with PVC fences and not be exposed to mechanical damage. Our fences, gates, etc. do not break, are resistant to biting and have no protruding nails.